Natalia Kapchuk is a Russian-born London-based artist. She works in mixed media, exploring ecological issues, global effects of pollution as well as protection of the environment. The artist’s main interests are the life on this planet, biodiversity of various countries, continents and vast expanses of oceans — the theme that never fails to inspire and spurs one to search for new expressive means and experiment in media, such as wood, resi-crete, plastic, glass bits and metallic grit, natural stones, crystals, diamond dust and gold leaf.

From her early childhood Kapchuk took interest in art. At the age of six Natalia started to make ceramic mini-sculptures for sale at local art fairs. She was inspired by her mother, an artist and sculptor, to work in her studio. Natalia gradually learned the basics of sculpting in ceramic. Children’s art school became the next stage in her young artist’s life: this is where she studied academic drawing, painting, composition and the history of art. Owing to her interest in foreign languages and international politics, Kapchuk received her B.A. from the Urals State University where she studied at the Faculty of International Relations (Yekaterinburg, Russia). Having obtained her university degree, Natalia Kapchuk then left Russia, searching to apply her talents and creative abilities. She turns back her attention to the art business and starts creating new art pieces in her studio in Dubai, UAE.

Furthermore, she also continues to improve her art skills in mixed media and painting. This is how Natalia ended up taking the courses at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London, UK) in 2017 followed by The Chelsea College of Arts (London, UK).

Preferring to work in the technique of collage, Natalia mixed paintings and newspaper clippings, while seeking to express her attitude towards major global trends in economics and politics. Her student interest in international diplomatic relations resulted in the project involving national flags of various countries and portraits of their leaders. Kapchuk favours street art style: she creates stencils for the silhouettes of politicians and then transfers them onto images of various national flags.

Moreover, it is street art and the subtle allegorical graffiti that inspired Kapchuk to offer her interpretation of geopolitical rhetoric. The artist attempts to chronicle changes in global perception of a country’s image, which more often than not, are closely associated with its head of state. Wishing to highlight the portraits of some national leaders, the artist employs some unusual materials, such as diamond dust.

Natalia Kapchuk travels a lot around the world getting inspired by natural beauty to emphasize global environmental problems and negative impact of industry waste. In the art project titled “Planets” she tackles such issues as environmental damage and critical amounts of plastic waste in the waters of the world’s ocean. In order to contrast natural materials (such as tree bark, sand, natural stones, crystals, fermented moss) and enhance the effect, Kapchuk experiments with industrial materials like polymers and resi-crete, diamond dust, gilding, metal chips and plastic.

As a philanthropist and an art ambassador of the Parliamentary Society of Arts, Fashion and Sport (UK) Natalia Kapchuk keeps drawing attention to important environmental issues affecting the future of our planet, and seeks to promote harmonious coexistence of humans in every corner of the world.

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