“American Dream” (2019) and “Glacial Iridescence” (2022) from ‘The Lost Planet’ Series by Contemporary Artist and Environmentalist Natalia Kapchuk Spotlighted at the Shanghai International Art Fair 2023

From November 16th to the 19th, within the awe-inspiring National Exhibition and Convention Center of Shanghai, also known as NECC, selected pieces from “The Lost Planet” series by Contemporary Artist, Philanthropist, and Environmentalist Natalia Kapchuk joined other masterpieces as part of the digital exhibition at the Shanghai International Art Fair.

On a mission to illuminate the devastating environmental concerns and the destruction caused by anthropogenic impacts, Natalia Kapchuk’s remarkable artworks from ‘The Lost Planet’ have garnered attention from numerous art experts and institutions. This engagement has led to presentations at various international art fairs and exhibitions, including the Armenia Art Fair in Yerevan, the India Art Fair in New Delhi, Expo 2020 Dubai in the UAE, FIABCN in Barcelona, and the recently concluded London Biennale and StART Art Fair in London.

The captivating Shanghai Art Fair showcased two artworks from ‘The Lost Planet’ series: “American Dream” (2019) and “Glacial Iridescence” (2022). “American Dream” (2019) illustrates the issue of plastic pollution, a central theme in Natalia Kapchuk’s art. To underscore the problem of plastic waste, the artist utilized one of her signature style elements by incorporating numerous reclaimed plastic pieces. In “Glacial Iridescence” (2022), the artist represents the phenomenon of iridescence inspired by the expansion of oil and gas drilling, contributing to the plight of climate change.

This dedicated art event was attended by numerous residents and guests of Shanghai, who were deeply impressed by the impactful artworks of Natalia Kapchuk.