Artist and Environmentalist, Natalia Kapchuk Launches
First Solo Exhibition “The Lost Planet”

Environmentalist, Philanthropist, and Art Ambassador at the Parliamentary Society of Arts, Fashion and Sports (UK), Natalia Kapchuk is proud to announce the debut of her first solo exhibition, The Lost Planet, featuring over thirty large-scale environmentally conscious works and an animated video installation, at Unit X art space in London.

The Lost Planet series tells the tale of the wonders of our world, juxtaposed to its slow demise under the grip of human activity. Earth, a glimmering celestial body, is tarnished by the ongoing presence of ocean and air pollution, industrialization, deforestation, and the encroaching hands of consumerism. Contrasting the natural beauty of our planet and its divine placement in the cosmos, to the harmful impacts we as humans place on the lands we call home, Kapchuk emphasizes the immediate need for heightened awareness and drastic change through her works.

I use my art to draw awareness to the planet’s plight. In The Lost Planet series, I tell a story of our planet from different angles. From both a beautiful perspective of the Earth to the more unwanted scenes such as wildfires, coral bleaching, and oil spills.”

Natalia goes on to say:

“I hope this series generates naturally produced emotions in the viewer. My sole aim is to inspire people to think of their actions towards nature, the resources they hold, and all the living creatures who seek its refuge — finding ways that we as humans, corporations, and political governments can contribute in preserving the planet for future generations.”

Divided into two sections, the first half of The Lost Planet series is dedicated to the elements of innovation and the beauty of nature in differing ecosystems and corners of the world. The second focuses on the negative impacts mankind places on the Earth and its oceans, from the threats of plastic waste, fish netting, and refined oil products, to that of light pollution and atmospheric destruction. Using various mediums for the technique of mixed media and assemblage, Natalia Kapchuk uses both natural and industrially resourced materials such as tree bark, sand, natural stones, and fermented moss, with polymers, resi-crete, gilding, metal chips, and reclaimed plastics.

The Lost Planet exhibition is staged in close collaboration with leading environmental charities Plastic Oceans Europe, and Earthwatch Europe. During the event, experts from Plastic Oceans Europe, Earthwatch Europe, and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) will hold a discussion panel entitled: Is this Planet Earth’s Dying Century?. These organizations unite in bringing awareness to important issues affecting the environment and the future of planet Earth.

Juan Castaño Vilas, Regional Director of Plastic Oceans Europe, had this to say:

“Plastic pollution is, without doubt, one of the major threats to our planet, and thus we need to tackle it through innovative angles. I believe that Arts have the power of touching people’s hearts, and that’s why we’re delighted to be apart of Natalia’s exhibition and to help her to create an impact and to inspire many individuals to become change-makers”

For further details regarding The Lost Planet exhibition, partnering organizations, and the ways one can contribute to their environmental efforts can be located in the press release provided below:

The Lost Planet exhibition will take place from 15th-27th October 2021 (12-8pm), at The Stables, 40 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LH.