Artist Natalia Kapchuk introduces an exclusively designed AR work in collaboration with Elysian Found at Armenia Art Fair 2022

As society moves into a more technologically-based world, the same can be said regarding the ever-evolving realm of art. In keeping with the times, artist Natalia Kapchuk developed an exclusive AR work as a part of The Lost Planet series which debuted at Armenia Art Fair 2022 in creative partnership with Elysian Found, from 28 to 30 May.

The fundamental concept behind the Armenian Art Fair is to highlight the interaction between contemporary art practices and modern digital technologies. As a contemporary artist, Natalia Kapchuk is on a constant journey, exploring various instruments, materials, and techniques to best construct her captivating artworks for public resonance.

Recognizing the space Augmented Reality holds as a part of the technological evolution, Natalia Kapchuk designed an AR work to her piece Ocean’s DNA (2019) from her eco-oriented project, The Lost Planet. Ocean‘s DNA (2019) expresses the heartbreaking occurrence of coral reef destruction and how such extinction of these aquatic safe havens will affect ecosystems at large.

The debut of the AR version of Ocean’s DNA (2019) provides observers with fresh perspective and a new way of interaction between author’s artwork.