Artwork “The Vanishing Antarctica” (2019) by Eco-Artist and Philanthropist Natalia Kapchuk sells for the record $50,000 at the Global Citizen Forum Charity Auction

On December 6th, 2023, Natalia Kapchuk, a renowned contemporary artist and eco-activist, made waves at the Global Citizen Forum Charity Auction with the sale of her powerful artwork “The Vanishing Antarctica” (2019). The piece, which captivated audiences with its poignant message about climate change and environmental conservation, fetched an impressive $50,000 during the Gala Night event.

The proceeds from the auction were directed towards supporting the Yusra Mardini Foundation, the Global Citizen Cultural Centre for Youth, and other initiatives dedicated to amplifying the voices of marginalized communities.

Natalia Kapchuk is not only a talented artist but also a dedicated philanthropist who regularly donates her artworks and supports various charity organizations focused on humanitarian and sustainable initiatives. In addition to her involvement in the Global Citizen Forum Charity Auction, she has recently donated her art pieces to the Art be a Part Charity Auction (Dubai, UAE), and the Better World Fund Charity Auction (Cannes, France).

The Global Citizen Forum, where the artist’s creation was auctioned, is a prestigious platform that brings together influential leaders, philanthropists, and changemakers from around the world to address pressing global challenges and promote sustainable development. The forum serves as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, with a focus on creating positive change through dialogue, partnerships, and action.

Natalia Kapchuk’s dedication to using art as a tool for environmental and social changes and her continued support for charitable initiatives underscore her role as a visionary artist and advocate for a better world. Through her creative work and philanthropic endeavors, she is making a meaningful impact on society and inspiring others to join in the effort to create a more just and sustainable future.