Captivating works from ‘The Lost Planet’ series by Contemporary Artist and Environmentalist Natalia Kapchuk Wows at the Annual Fira International d’Art de Barcelona

From November 4th to the 5th, at historic Museu Maritim de Barcelona, select pieces from The Lost Planet series by Contemporary Artist, Philanthropist, and Environmentalist, Natalia Kapchuk joined other masterpieces as a part of the digital exhibition at the remarkable Fira International d’Art de Barcelona 2022, also known as FIABCN, with support of the International Cultural Management (ICM) Gestora Cultural.

In a mission to highlight the devastating concerns plaguing the environment and the destruction caused by anthropogenic impacts, artist Natalia Kapchuk’s impressive art pieces from The Lost Planet have already drawn the attention of many art experts and institutions. Such engagement has led to artwork presentations at various international art fairs and exhibitions, such as Armenia Art Fair, Yerevan, India Art Fair, New Delhi, and Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE.

The captivating FIABCN 2022 featured (3) artworks from The Lost Planet series: The World is on Fire (2019), Environmental Crisis (2019), and After Life (2020). Each of these fascinating items illustrates the issue of plastic pollution, one of the central topics of Natalia Kapchuk’s art. To underscore the problem of plastic waste, the artist utilized one of her signature style elements, incorporating numerous reclaimed plastic pieces. Such a level of use conveys the monstrous truth affecting the environmental state.

The nomination ceremony concluded FIABCN 2022, presenting the Premi International d’Art de Barcelona (PIAB) Award. Among other artists, Natalia Kapchuk was honored with a nomination for this prestigious award.

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