Contemporary Artist and Eco-Activist Natalia Kapchuk undertakes art and sustainability- focused initiatives, hosting a solo exhibition, ‘The Lost Planet’ and participating in the charity auction at the remarkable Global Citizen Forum

From 6th to 7th December, 2023 in partnership with the Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA), and RAK Properties, the Global Citizen Forum’s second instalment in the ‘Butterfly Effect’ trilogy, Earth Age, will open its doors to the guests. During the Forum eco-artist and philanthropist Natalia Kapchuk will undertake a number of art, sustainability and philanthropy focused initiatives. This includes hosting an exhibition of her artworks from ‘The Lost Planet’ series, drawing attention to crucial environmental issues, and donating an artwork for a Global Citizen Forum charity auction.

The exhibition highlights the intrinsic beauty of our planet while shedding light on critical environmental issues stemming from human activities. The breathtaking show features eight pieces from the internationally renowned ‘The Lost Planet’ series, including “Carbon Clouds” (2020), “Ocean’s DNA” (2019), “Man-made Island” (2019), “Virgin Rocks” (2019), “Heart of the Ocean” (2021), and the latest creations, such as “Bubble Hills” (2022), “Glacial Iridescence” (2022), and “Earth or Mars?” (2022). These artworks have inspired audiences worldwide with their poignant message about the fragile balance between nature and human intervention.

In addition to the solo exhibition, Natalia Kapchuk will contribute her artwork, “The Vanishing Antarctica” (2019) to the Global Citizen Forum Charity Auction. The proceeds from this auction will benefit the Yusra Mardini Foundation, the Global Citizen Cultural Centre for Youth, and other initiatives aimed at empowering marginalized communities.

The Global Citizen Forum serves as a platform for world leaders, influencers, and changemakers to come together and address pressing global issues. Through panel discussions, networking opportunities, and innovative showcases like Natalia Kapchuk’s exhibition, the forum aims to drive positive change and foster collaboration on social, economic, and environmental challenges.