Eco-Artist and Activist Natalia Kapchuk Unveils Pieces from ‘The Lost Planet’ Series at the StART Art Fair 2023, Hosted by Saatchi Gallery

From October 11th to 15th, the esteemed Saatchi Gallery will host the 10th edition of the remarkable StART Art Fair.

The StART Art Fair is an annual event showcasing the finest contemporary art globally. StART Art Fair 2023 coincides with Frieze London 2023 and presents a diverse array of artworks from both established and emerging artists, along with galleries. As one of London’s premier art fairs, StART Art Fair consistently draws numerous visitors, including art collectors, advisers, and representatives from the global art scene.

Contemporary Artist and Environmentalist Natalia Kapchuk is set to participate in the upcoming edition of StART Art Fair, featuring select pieces from her eco-focused series, ‘The Lost Planet’. Occupying solo booth No4.2, her showcase will include five artworks: “Midas Touch” (2022), “Gilded Planet” (2022), “Saharan Sands” (2022), “Simulated Earth” (2022), and her latest creation, “Poseidon’s Shield” (2023).

Natalia Kapchuk’s artworks serve as a powerful reflection of the planet’s beauty and, simultaneously, a poignant commentary on urgent environmental concerns arising from human activities. Through her work, she aims to raise awareness about Earth’s plight, drawing attention to the pressing ecological issues facing our world.