Natalia Kapchuk, Renowned Environmentalist and Contemporary Artist, Emerges as a Recipient of the ‘Harmony for Humanity: The Global Consciousness Art Prize’ by Contemporary Art Collectors

In the fall of 2023, the distinguished art and culture organization, Contemporary Art Collectors, nominated select artists globally for the ‘Harmony for Humanity: The Global Consciousness Art Prize.’

This esteemed prize underscores the pivotal role of art in raising awareness and instigating positive change on a global scale. The chosen artworks function as catalysts for meaningful conversations and reflections on pressing issues like social inequality, environmental degradation, and cultural divisions.

Contemporary artist and activist Natalia Kapchuk emerged as one of the winners of this prestigious Art Prize. Internationally acclaimed for her eco-focused project, ‘The Lost Planet,’ Natalia Kapchuk also serves as an ambassador at The Parliamentary Society of Arts, Fashion, and Sports (UK), an ambassador for the Better World Fund (BWF), and a philanthropist supporting charities and organizations dedicated to humanitarian and environmental causes.

“In my view, creativity represents one of the pivotal links capable of guiding people’s thoughts and actions toward solving environmental challenges and preserving our natural resources. This is the mission I have set for myself, a mission that resonates throughout nearly every art piece within my series, ‘The Lost Planet’ and ‘The Lost Animals.”

– Natalia Kapchuk