Select artworks from The Lost Planet series by Contemporary Artist and Activist Natalia Kapchuk showcased at the remarkable Times Square as a part of her Solo Show in collaboration with NYC Art Walk

On July 29th, select pieces from Contemporary Artist and Environmentalist Natalia Kapchuk’s latest series The Lost Planet, were showcased at the remarkable Times Square as part of her Solo Show in collaboration with NYC Art Walk.

The Lost Planet series is dedicated to the unique beauty of Earth and simultaneously illustrates irreparable ecological issues our planet faces due to the destructive anthropic impacts. Natalia Kapchuk’s Solo Show, featuring select pieces from her renowned series aimed to bring attention to pressing environmental issues. With the bustling Times Square attracting hundreds of thousands of people daily, the exhibition provided an exceptional platform to reach a wide audience and spark conversations about the current environmental state.

The showcased artworks included “American Dream” (2019), “Ocean’s DNA” (2019), “Heart of the Ocean” (2021), and “Glacial Iridescence” (2022). These captivating art pieces were presented on the monumental Times Square screen, capturing the attention of passersby. Each artwork delved into specific environmental concerns, aligning with the overarching mission of The Lost Planet project to contribute to positive environmental changes.

Being able to share her art and the message behind The Lost Planet with thousands of individuals in such a prominent location filled Natalia Kapchuk with a sense of pride. It was an opportunity for the artist to make a meaningful impact to the ongoing dialogue about the importance of environmental conservation.