The ‘COSMIC’ Exhibition at The Holy Art Gallery Showcases “Midas Touch” (2022) and “Gilded Planet” (2022) from the ‘The Lost Planet’ Series by Contemporary Artist and Environmentalist Natalia Kapchuk

From December 1st to 10th, select pieces from ‘The Lost Planet’ series by Contemporary Artist and Environmentalist Natalia Kapchuk will be featured at the renowned The Holy Art Gallery in London as part of its group show ‘COSMIC.’ The Holy Art, a group of galleries located in London, New York, and Athens, is recognized as a leading force in the contemporary art scene. The ‘COSMIC’ show will present a diverse array of artworks by the artist from around the globe, encompassing video art as well as 2D and 3D dimensional pieces.

Among other masterpieces, The Holy Art Gallery will showcase two works by Natalia Kapchuk: “Midas Touch” (2020) and “Gilded Planet” (2022). These creations have already gained recognition, participating in art fairs and exhibitions such as Wells Art Contemporary 2023 in Wells and StART Art Fair 2023 in London.

The artist’s pieces dedicated to the beauty of our unique planet are juxtaposed with the dire environmental concerns caused by human activities. Through her art, Natalia Kapchuk spreads much-needed awareness regarding the plight of Earth and hopes to draw viewers’ attention to current ecological issues.