The Lost Planet series by Artist Natalia Kapchuk featured at Expo 2020 Dubai in collaboration with the Antigua and Barbuda Pavilion

Contemporary artist Natalia Kapchuk’s eco-oriented art pieces have captured the attention of the world, leaving impactful messages for observers to ponder. Since the successful solo debut of The Lost Planet series at the breathtaking Unit X art space in London, UK, the works of Kapchuk continue to inspire, spreading its penetrating influence as the installation travels the globe. Such global resonance has resulted in many creative partnerships between the artist and other like-minded allies, like the collaboration between artist Natalia Kapchuk and the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda for their country pavilion at this year’s acclaimed World Expo fair — Expo 2020 Dubai.

Due to the shared passion between the country of Antigua and Barbuda and Natalia Kapchuk’s mission to spread much-needed awareness regarding the effects of human influence upon our planet’s lands and oceans, the collaborative-power these two hold is immense. Natalia Kapchuk and the representatives of Antigua and Barbuda are equally appalled by the current environmental status of our declining planet due to the destructive nature of the anthropogenic activity. Recent studies have shown that the country of Antigua and Barbuda is exposed economically, environmentally, and socially to projected climate change impacts. Due to such findings, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda has enforced strict laws and restrictions on the use and importation of plastic products. To expound on this action, the primary goal of this partnership is to shine a light on pressing environmental concerns, specifically, the growing threat of plastic waste and pollution on the Earth’s lands and waterways.

The exhibition showcased (4) physical works from artist Natalia Kapchuk’s latest series, The Lost Planet. The works featured are Yin and Yang (2019), Ocean’s
DNA (2019), GPGP. FragmentNo98203 (2020), and Coral Maze (2020). An animated video installation, developed as a part of The Lost Planet series, was also
featured alongside her breathtaking art pieces at the Antigua and Barbuda pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai.

Each work presented reflects specific ecological concerns and topics that align with some of Antigua and Barbuda’s natural attributes. For instance, the art pieces Coral Maze (2020) and Ocean’s DNA (2019) depict the natural beauty of one of the most diverse and multifaceted marine habitats on the planet– coral reefs. The works also demonstrate the heartbreaking destruction and extinction of these aquatic safe havens due to water pollution and mismanagement of marine resources.

Another inescapable environmental concern is expressed in the work GPGP.FragmentNo98203 (2020), where Natalia Kapchuk underscores the devastating issue of plastic pollution. With the incorporation of up-cycled plastic debris and recovered fish netting, the artist has created an extensive art object demonstrating the colossal volume of plastic waste that litters our seas.

The pavilion welcomed several thousand residents and visitors within the administrative center of the emirate Dubai, featuring guests from some of the most important trade and financial sectors in the UAE, Europe, and other neighboring countries.

The pavilion left lasting impressions on those present, winning over the hearts of all who attended Expo 2020 Dubai. The positive feedback received from the environmentally centered installation reassured artist Natalia Kapchuk that her mission to spread much-needed awareness and to combat climate change through the powerful channel of art, is one worth fighting.